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Shell Commands

Shell programming is a type of programming that is done via a shell, which is a command-line interpreter. Shell programming is typically used for automating tasks, such as creating and managing files, running programs, and performing system administration tasks. Advantages of shell scripts include that they are easy to write and maintain, they can be deployed quickly and easily, and they can be scripted to automate many tasks. Disadvantages of shell scripts include that they are not portable, and they can be difficult to debug.

When we talk about shell script, we mean Unix or Linux OS. There are considerable number commands with various parameters. Though help is available for each command, it is extremely difficult to remember all the commands.

We provide extremely powerful utility you can enter your requirements in plain English, and you get Shell script. In most cases, it gives the correct result. However, you should verify its correctness. Sometimes, it is helpful to enter the same text again and generate the Shell Script.

Below we give some examples:

Example 1:
Read 'sample.txt' and display top 10 words with highest frequency

Example 2:
Show today's date and list of current users

Example 3:
Compute sqrt(5) correct to 100 decimal places using 'bc'

Example 4:
Show only those line of 'sample.txt' which contains regular expression. Regular expression should start with 'fr', end with 'nd' and contain two characters between these.

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