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Refund Policy:

Please note that we provide only services on our website and not any product.

Every user who registers can explore our services free of cost during the trial period. The user should subscribe to our services only after exploring our services so that the cases of refunds are minimized. Further, it should be noted that our services are based on AI, so these are reliable yet still not perfect. In any case, if any user is not satisfied with our services, (s)he can ask for a refund for the unused amount or period.

We would also like to clarify that our services are based on monthly / yearly subscription, yet the usage is limited. Once you cross the limit, you will see the notification and you need to recharge to continue the services even though the period for which you have subscribed is not expired.

Applicable Law:
The return and refund of the services will be covered under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 and the general rules of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.

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