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Auto Correction - Fix Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

If you are not sure about the correctness of your text, please enter the text and we will auto correct and display the corrected text. We will also display what has been changed.

Below we give some examples:

Example 1:
Original: Can yu readthis messa ge despite the sppelingmsitakes.

Corrected: Can you read this message despite the spelling mistakes?

Example 2:
Original: in te dhird qarter oflast jear he hadlearned ofca wendrfulplan

Corrected: In the third quarter of last year he had learned of a wonderful plan.

Example 3:
Original: itwasabrightcalddayinaprelandtheclockswerestrikngthirteen

Corrected: It was a bright, cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Example 4:
Original: Please donet distrcme asIam bisywith inmystidy

Corrected: Please don't disturb me as I am busy with my study.

Example 5:
Original: He going to maret.

Corrected: He is going to the market.

Example 6:
Original: He eight ate banana.

Corrected: He ate eight bananas.

Example 7:
Original: He ate eht banana.

Corrected: He ate eight bananas.

Note: Try these examples in your favorite word processor or any other tool and you will know the difference.

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