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Please select the language and enter what your program needs to do in plain English, then click on "Generate" button. This will generate program in the language chosen by you. If the problem you are trying to solve is big, then divide it into small parts and generate solution as function for each part. Please make sure to test each function to see whether it is working correctly or not. Finally assemble all the parts and your program should be ready.

Please note that sometimes the program generated may not be correct. So, you need to verify each program.

It should be noted that it is a wonderful way to learn a new programming language. Further, it is likely to improve your productivity by 4x depending on the usage and giving clear specifications to generate program.

We have given sample descriptions as examples to generate program in your favourite language. Please note that Example 1 and 4 are general description whereas Example 2, 3 and 5 are specific and detailed description. Though programs can be generated from general description, specific and detailed description will give better results. Below we give some examples:

Example 1:
Read file 'sample.txt' and find the top 10 words with highest frequency

Example 2:
Read sample.txt, extract words. Remove all characters other than alpha numeric character from the word. Convert word to lowercase. Ignore those words whose length is less than 3. Now, find the frequency of each word and print the top 20 words. program should contain appropriate comments.

Example 3:
Read file 'sample.txt' and reverse entire file line by line and write it to file 'sample_reverse.txt'

Example 4:
Write a program to check whether the given number is prime or not

Example 5:
Create a function isprime(n) based on the following: (1) If n <= 1, then return false. (2) If n is equal to 2, return true (3) If n is divisible by 2, then return false. (4) Now divide n by all odd numbers starting from 3 to sqrt(n)+1. If n is divisible by any of these numbers, then return false, otherwise return true. Now, accept integer 'n' from user and display whether it is prime or not.

Example 6:
Read 'sample.txt' file line by line. Find regular expression for a word that begins with 'fr' and ends with 'nd' and there are exactly two characters between 'fr' and 'nd. If any line contains regular expression, then print the line.

Example 7 for HTML language:
Generate registration form containing three fields: name, email and password. Then, store these data in MySQL table registration containing columns uname, uemail and upass.

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