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Please enter text and provide bullet points. We will generate multiple emails that will help you to achieve your goals. Not satisfied with the generated emails, we will rewrite them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Example 1:
Online platform "Code in English" teaches various programming languages in a novel way.
(1) It provides unlimited videos and question answers.
(2) It also provides superb job opportunities once you complete the course.
Draft emails to your subscribers.

Example 2:
We are providing a 15% discount on all products on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali.

Example 3:
Draft an email to the user who has visited the website and provided an email. Thank him or her and give details of the online course on Yoga.

Example 4:
Received an email from regular customer Mona that she has purchased dress from our online stores and its colour has faded in 10 days. Draft a suitable email to her.

Example 5:
Draft an email to Neeta on her promotion as HR Manager.

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